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For the past 50 years, the Herald has been a significant voice for MBs from coast to coast. I look forward to the strategic role the magazine will play in the next 50 years as a voice for our collective heart, mission, and thinking as Mennonite Brethren in Canada. Happy 50th!

—Willy Reimer, executive director, CCMBC

A herald announces news and sometimes blows a trumpet. Thanks for helping keep our widely scattered family informed and connected to God and each other over the past 50 years!”

—Randy Friesen, general director, MB Mission

Thanks to the Herald for fostering community among Canadian MBs. I like to read the obituaries because they remind me of the larger family of faith I belong to and the “great cloud of witnesses” that have gone before me. So many have lived quiet lives of faithfulness for Christ.

—Sandra Reimer, writer

Congratulations on 50 years! The Herald continues to be an instrument of community-building within our denomination. Through it we share, listen, learn, and motivate. May the next 50 years be marked by community that not only communicates what’s happening within our walls, but motivates us to act missionally toward our neighbours!

—Paul Loewen, moderator, CCMBC

Thank you, MB Herald, for making the writings and insights of Mennonite Brethren scholars accessible to your readers – especially on difficult topics.

—Andrew Dyck, MB Historical Commission

Happy anniversary! The MB Herald continues to be a unique publication among denominational periodicals, in that it gives voice to our unity as well as diversity as a family. The unique blend of scriptural insight, church news, stories of people’s lives, and conference events has helped me stay in touch with the rhythms and issues of our national family, as well as calling me to more faithful discipleship in my daily life.  My personal thanks to the Herald teams, past and present, for this successful balancing act. Warm wishes for another 50 years of celebrating what God is doing!

—Brad Sumner, pastor

Congratulations on your jubilee! The Herald has been and continues to be valued among many church leaders in our global family. Thanks for contributing to our “footprint” worldwide.

—David Wiebe, interim executive director, ICOMB

It’s an impressive accomplishment for the Herald to have supplied the Canadian MB family a conversation forum where gifted authors, thinkers, poets, and scholars have led us with integrity and sincerity. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and discernment as you sharpen issues of faith and life for readers.

—Ken Peters, pastor

Since 1962, when our family left our native Canada for Kansas, the MB Herald has been my main tie to former friends, and to the churches and institutions that first nurtured me. Congratulations on continuing to publish despite editorship changes and economic challenges. May the next decades see the Herald become bigger, bolder, better in a technological age that is pushing us to believe 40-word tweets are the fast track  to a strong and steadfast church community.

—Katie Funk Wiebe, writer

Indubitably, it’s a challenge to stay connected as a tribe. The Herald has been helpful in this, to be sure. Please keep highlighting God’s call and the mission we share, for the sake of the Name.

—Merv Boschman, interim conference minister, BCMB

We congratulate the MB Herald on 50 years of ministry. For five decades, the Herald has recorded the life of the Canadian conference and its congregations. The magazine has also posed tough questions when necessary, and encouraged a free exchange of ideas and honest interaction. You have helped shape the vision of Canadian Mennonite Brethren. Over the years, Christian Leader editors have enjoyed working with Herald editors on projects, and we look forward to more print and electronic collaborations during the next 50 years. Happy anniversary!

—Connie Faber, editor, Christian Leader

For 50 years, MB Herald, you’ve been bringing the Canadian MB church together to listen, speak, and learn. Thanks for the good words, and here’s to many more!

—Dora Dueck, former Herald editor

Next to Scripture and our Confession of Faith, it’s the MB Herald that connects us as a community of believers, serving our risen Saviour. Many thanks to all those who have been part of this vital ministry for the past 50 years, and may God continue to bless and guide its ministry in the future.

—Jascha Boge, former moderator, CCMBC

During the past 50 years, the MB Herald has made a contribution of historic significance. It has informed readers about their conference and its many ministries, stimulated interest in missions, increased knowledge about other churches and regions, taught us about our schools, generated a sense of national unity, offered an amazing spectrum of letters and columns, provided helpful human interest stories, tackled significant controversial issues, promoted spiritual knowledge, challenged readers to understand and live by evangelical Anabaptist beliefs and practices, introduced relevant new books and other media items, published valued milestone data, helped us appreciate our heritage, and stretched our minds while nurturing our souls.

—John H. Redekop, writer

On behalf of the saints at Killarney Park MB Church (Vancouver, B.C.), we’ve appreciated all the work the MB Herald has done in connecting our vast nation and vast theological spectrum over the past 50 years.  Through the work of the Spirit, we pray it continues to serve the denomination as a wonderful forum for discussion.

—Dave Chow, pastor

As a newcomer to the MB conference, I was delighted to find in the MB Herald a level of sophistication in reporting and theological conversation that few evangelicals have opportunity to discover in a denominational periodical. My prayer is that we will build on the legacy of the past 50 years and continue to invest in the Herald as a way to unite our fellowship in identity and mission.

—Brian Cooper, chair, BFL

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