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50th anniversary FAQs

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asterisk Why didn’t I receive my Herald this month?
Canada Post does a wonderful job of delivering our magazine each month. However, mistakes are sometimes made. If you don’t receive your Herald, let us know, and we’ll be happy to mail you another copy. Our circulation manager Helga Kasdorf maintains an accurate mailing list, which keeps our costs down. When you submit a change of address, please be advised it may take up to three months before the change is activated because we’re working 2–3 months in advance of the issue you have in your hand.

asterisk Why do you carry advertising in the Herald?
Although the Canadian conference buys a yearly subscription for all MB church members, we rely on advertising income to meet our budget. We’re careful about who we invite to advertise in the Herald, and try to support MB-related agencies and businesses. However, advertising and inserts should not be considered to carry editorial endorsement.

asterisk What happened to our good ol’ black & white Herald?
With much joy and anticipation, we launched our full-colour issue in September 2008! When Christian Press purchased their new printing press, the price of colour printing fell dramatically. In the past, the paper had to run through the press three times to achieve full colour – a time-consuming and costly process. Now, with new computerized technology, the paper only has to pass through once. (And, did you know those old Linotype machines and lead presses have been replaced by some very cool, cutting-edge technology?
Our paper-thin plates are created by a laser machine and then recycled, which makes the environment very happy.)

asterisk What’s up online?
Our website is an integral part of who we are and how we communicate. Each month’s content is posted online – often before the hard copy arrives in the mail – and is an archival source for students, families, and churches. On our website, readers can comment on articles or change their address, churches can post job openings or announce coming events, and users can find breaking news about national stories and events. Check us out at www.mbherald.com, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

asterisk Why do so many letters to the editor seem angry?
Most people take the time to write letters when they disagree with a writer’s perspective or feel passionate about a subject. We’re happy to provide a safe place for constructive dialogue. We also carry many letters that are affirming and appreciative. As always, opinions expressed in the letters section aren’t necessarily those of the church as a whole. We print most letters we receive, and encourage writers to keep their comments courteous and about one subject only. When we choose to withhold a letter, it’s usually because it contains a personal attack, or is a response to a subject we’ve decided to close. Occasionally, we receive so many letters on a particular subject we can’t print them all.

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