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This month’s theme – Confessing Jesus – tips its hat toward the study conference on the same theme planned for this October. Thomas Yoder Neufeld, who will be the main speaker, writes of Jesus whom we proclaim as the Christ – both man and God – and Timothy Geddert provides a helpful piece on atonement, a subject that has recently become controversial and (perhaps unnecessarily) infused with fear.

The pain of suicide touches many of us, but has been difficult to talk about in the church. We’re grateful to Manitoba mission and church extension director Russ Toews for sharing, in this very public way, his experience around his son’s suicide.

Every issue of the MB Herald is posted online, but one of our goals is to increasingly use the immediacy and vast spaces of the internet to supplement what we can communicate in our monthly print edition. For starters, we posted a “journal” of the Pastors Credentialing Orientation event held in May, and will post something similar during the Mennonite World Conference in July. Such posts will be more informal and “in the moment” than the news coverage we’ll provide later. Please visit www.mbherald.com often for these and other updates.

—Dora Dueck

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