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This month, we consider the debate about the existence of God. It’s not a new conversation, but one that continues to interest mainstream media. Canadianchristianity.com reported that in 2009 Canadian national print news, “atheism garnered 10 stories, evidence of increasing effort by atheists to spread their point of view.” Will this threaten the church in Canada? What about Christians? Do we feel intimidated or frightened by the debate?

Writers Ryan Dueck and Marc Paré share their thoughts, and offer a list of recommended reading on the subject (p.37).

Historian Abe Dueck takes us on a journey to the atheist state of China to see how the church has survived amidst persecution and hardship. Then, in the spirit of respectful dialogue, we’ve included an interview with a postmodern mystic to hear his thoughts about Christianity. Through all this, we hope readers will be inspired to dig deeper into their faith, and become more aware of God’s presence in the everyday moments of life.

Do you have a comment about this month’s articles? We’re happy to announce that the Herald website now has a place following feature articles for readers to post their thoughts. Go to www.mbherald.com and share your comments.

— Laura Kalmar

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