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As many readers prepare to enjoy a month of Olympic diversion, the Herald staff has pulled together several articles on the topic of competition. Jack Reimer outlines some helpful “rules” for Christian competitors, while Laurel Dick explains how the anxiety of competitive sport caused her to quit. Ryan Dueck finds a link between his experience as a hockey dad and the way our heavenly father relates to his children, and Rocky Olfert talks about a coach’s opportunity to be a Christian role-model.

In this issue, you’ll also see that we’ve launched a creative arts contest, hoping to feature some excellent writing, photography, and art in our summer reader (I guess we were inspired by this month’s theme – see p. 6 for more information). As well, Dora Dueck, the Herald’s 2009 interim editor, makes a brief comeback in Viewpoint with her picks for the top 10 MB stories of the decade. We hope these pieces will make for some lively literary sport (excuse the pun)!


–Laura Kalmar

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