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I always look forward to the summer issue of the Herald, so it’s with great joy I return to the editor’s desk for this August edition, after a one-year maternity leave. Being a new mom has given me greater appreciation for all kinds of stories, words, images… craft paper, and crayons. Children remind us that God has given us the ability to be creative – to create. And what better time to enjoy some beautiful creations than during a hot summer afternoon!

Within this month’s 40 pages, you’ll find all sorts of creative offerings – from original poetry, to paintings, essays, and short stories written by two former Herald editors. There’s a personal profile of César García, the new MWC general secretary-elect – who happens to be an MB leader and wonderfully creative thinker. And there’s a summer “bookbusters” feature, highlighting some new literary works you might enjoy. That means you won’t find a Crosscurrents section in this month’s magazine – but don’t worry, it will return next month, with a brand new look.

All our featured artists, books, and writers are Christian. Does that make them great? Well, you can be the judge of that.

—Laura Kalmar

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