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This month, on www.mbherald. com, you’ll find an online journal chronicling the upcoming Pastors Credentialing Orientation in Winnipeg. Read what new pastors are up to by following the link on the Journals page.

Another new thing you’ll find on the MB Herald website is a job posting tool for ministry career advertisements. We hope this will be a tremendous resource of employment information for churches, schools, agencies, and those looking to work with and serve the wonderfully diverse Mennonite Brethren community in Canada.

We also wrap up the last of this year’s provincial convention coverage in this issue with a report on B.C.’s and Quebec’s annual meeting (see pages 22–24).

Finally, congratulations to interim editor J Janzen and his wife Andrea who welcomed a fourth child, Seth Evan Koop Janzen on May 5. Click here to see the proud father and son.

—Karla Braun

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