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About this issue  It’s no coincidence we’re talking about listening to each other as we study Scripture in this issue. The Canadian conference’s biennial study conference – a time to practice hermeneutics in community – will take place in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., Oct. 27–29, and we want to begin preparing hearts and minds for this time of Bible study and fellowship. In “Gathering around the Word to listen to the Spirit,” Doug Heidebrecht teaches what community hermeneutics is and why Mennonite Brethren hold it in such high regard. Brad Sumner and Jeff Peters explain how their congregations creatively practiced this value in a discernment process, and in Sunday morning worship.

Speaking of listening to Scripture, the Spirit, and each other, there’s also seminary news: the Herald talks to MBBS interim president Bruce Guenther about his new role and vision for the emerging seminary, and you’ll find a report on the March MBBS Inc. and Canadian seminary commission meetings in People & Events. You’ll also find reports from the Saskatchewan and Alberta conventions.

Finally, as you saunter through book reviews and commentary in Crosscurrents, take note of the study conference’s recommended reading list (click here to go to the Study Conference page).

—J Janzen

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