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You never quite know what the effects will be of what you say or do or print. This was the case when we published a short reflection on the movie Creation. The questions posed in “A plea for understanding” (Crosscurrents, March 2010) precipitated a flood of letters. The responses from our readers centered on 2 sets of questions. First, what is the nature of science? Is science at odds with Scripture? Do we “betray the faith” if we affirm scientific theories such as evolution? Second, what are Genesis 1 and 2? Is it scientific evidence for a 6-day creation? How do we read the text faithfully?

The articles in this month’s Herald are first steps in addressing those questions. They are not the final word on creation. They do sketch out a helpful posture, with appropriate attitudes we might adopt when it comes to discussing our origins with one another.

Speaking of beginnings, 2011 is the 50th year of publication for the Herald! To celebrate, we are pleased to launch 2 new features: “A Page from the Past,” which highlights noteworthy writing and events from the 1,271 previous editions of the Herald; and “Re:View,” a monthly column featuring reflections from former MB Herald editors.

And on the topic of evolution, this issue marks a change in our “Intersection of faith and life” column. James Toews will share the writing duties with Sandra Reimer, a communications consultant and member of Glencairn MB Church, Kitchener, Ont., and Phil Wagler, an author and associate pastor at Gracepoint Community Church, Surrey, B.C. Each will contribute 4 columns throughout the year.

We trust that this issue, and the year to come, will be even better than the last. Cheers!

—J Janzen

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