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The symbols, accoutrements, and language of what is referred to as a liturgical style of worship are unfamiliar to many Mennonite Brethren, who, in the past, continued the Mennonite and evangelical traditions of rejecting ritualistic and potentially idolatrous aspects of corporate gatherings. But a recent wave of MB members and attendees drawn to the meditations and symbols of more formal church traditions has led some MB churches to incorporate elements of that tradition (see “Anabaptist liturgical spirituality and the Supper of Christ,” pages 13–15). In this issue, you’ll find samples from a liturgical program, prepared by Bakerview MB Church pastor Dianne Bowker, woven through our pages, as well as an explanation of the church calendar on Homepage (page 6). MB worship expert Christine Longhurst reflects on how our worship has changed in the last 50 years, drawing from a survey of many long-time pastors and lay leaders (pages 8–10), while Bethany professor Paul Woodburn addresses the purpose of our gatherings, making a biblical case for the importance of corporate worship. As always, we trust your reading of the Herald will be a worshipful experience.

–Karla Braun

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