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Discipleship – striving to know and live like Jesus – has always been a priority for Mennonite Brethren. As the digest version of the MB Confession of Faith states, “We believe Jesus calls people who have experienced the new birth to follow him in a costly life of service to God. The power of the Holy Spirit transforms believers from the unrighteous pattern of the present age into a life of joyful obedience with God’s people.”

In the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, Canadian MBs set out one guideline after another in an effort to encourage Christ-like living. Good intentions notwithstanding, many MBs characterize that as an era of legalism. In recent years, however, there are many who worry that perhaps Canadian MBs have gone too far in the other direction, and have become too lenient when it comes to imitating Christ.

All of this is to say that discipleship is risky business. Which is why we keep repeating the question: how do we best baptize people and teach them to obey everything God commanded (Matthew 28:19–20)?

This issue doesn’t come anywhere close to providing definitive answers or polished programs. Instead, this month’s magazine offers a series of vignettes – brief glimpses into the lives of people and communities doing their best to help each other know Jesus deeper and live more like him.

We trust that the pages to follow will be inspiring, challenging, and life-changing.

–J Janzen

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