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In July, Canadian Mennonite Brethren met in B.C. to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the MB church. Of course, the MB Herald was smack dab in the middle of the festivities. To experience some of the fun, visit www.mycelebration2010.ca.

We continue the celebration in this issue by featuring the talents of our very own Canadian Mennonite Brethren. In spring, we invited artists of all kinds to send us their stories, poetry, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and pictures for our creative arts contest. We were overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of submissions.

After weeks (yes, weeks!) of difficult decisions, we are pleased to present what we deemed to be the most creative, excellent, and original entries. Prizes were awarded for photography, prose, poetry, and fine art.

You’ll also notice that we included a number of honourable mentions. Unfortunately, we simply ran out of space and couldn’t include a number of other compelling submissions worthy of publication. Hopefully they’ll appear on our pages in future issues of the Herald. Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry.

Speaking of creativity, we’re pleased to announce that on June 9, a son was born to Herald editor Laura Kalmar and her husband Jason Topnik. They named him Alexander Irwin Andrew. We wish the growing family all God’s best.

— J Janzen

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