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Infertility, a once taboo subject, is now talked about everywhere because millions of North Americans have used assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the last two decades. Yet MBs have given little attention to the matter. This is perhaps alarming, because the experience of infertility is a complicated one, and there are knotty questions surrounding its treatment. Governments are now scrambling to police “fertility tourism”; regulate genetic manipulation; and address the legal interests of the thousands of children conceived annually through artificial reproductive technology.

This issue features stories of MBs who have endeavoured to be faithful friends of Jesus on the journey with infertility. While they don’t provide a complete set of definitive answers, these stories will hopefully generate fruitful conversations.

In fact, you’re welcome to contribute your thoughts at www.mbherald.com, where you’ll also find a journal from the Canadian conference’s recent Pastors Credentialing Orientation in B.C. It’s a glimpse into how pastors and leaders from across the country are equipped to serve their congregations.

Be sure to also visit www.mycelebration2010.ca for breaking news and features from Celebration 2010, the North American gathering to mark the MB church’s 150th birthday. We hope you enjoy the online party!

— J Janzen

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