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Top ten phrases heard at Gathering 2008

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1. Where’s my French-English phrasebook?

2. There are no calories in poutine — trust me.

3. Hey, I can see IKEA from my hotel window!

4. Congratulations to Dan Warkentin for being “the best lip-synching pastor in Canada.”
(Check out Valleyview’s entry from the Short Film Festival at www.mbconf.ca)

5. I loved the translators in the main senssions. (Oui, je consens.)

6. Are we ready to be workers for the harvest?

7. Regenerate 21-01…I’m leaning in.

8. What a powerful time of prayer and communion on the summit of Mount Royal!

9. I wonder if I’m call to serve in Quebec with Horizon Quebec?

10. See you in Vancouver for Gathering 2010!

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