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The inaugural Winnipeg Real to Reel (WR2R) Film Festival Mar. 2−6 will connect amateur filmmakers with audiences through films that encourage, challenge, and inspire to positive values. Hosted by North Kildonan MB Church (NKMB) and organized by NKMB member Paul Boge, WR2R will feature multiple screening areas in which movie-lovers may explore and discuss the impact of film.


At press time in the running for U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee chair, Republican congressman John Shimkus publicly justified his opposition to President Obama’s carbon emission reduction American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (“cap-and-trade” Bill) based on his interpretation of Genesis 8:21−22: “The earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth.” In other words, because God promised he will not destroy all living creatures again, humanity’s mistreatment of creation can have no negative effect. Perhaps if Mr. Shimkus read the rest of Genesis, he’d realize that, like Noah, he and the rest of God’s fragile creation are all in the same boat.—AS with files from Huffington Post and Daily Mail

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