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“A person who lives well, treating others fairly…doesn’t refuse food to the hungry, doesn’t exploit the poor…. This person who lives upright and well shall live a full and true life”—Ezekiel 18:5, 7, 9, The Message. Mennonite Heritage Gallery, Winnipeg, will host “Just Food: The Right to Food from a Faith Perspective,” a project of the Mennonite Committee on Human Rights, from Nov. 20–Jan. 15. Works of 19 artists from 13 countries respond to food issues with thought-provoking art.

—Mennonite Heritage Gallery release

Would Doris use Facebook?

A new Facebook group, created in advance of the Nov. 1 release of Living More with Less: 30th Anniversary Edition, is asking, if she were alive today, would author Doris Janzen Longacre have a Facebook account?

“Does anyone have More-with-Less ways of being on the site?” asks Paul Boers, one of six young adults who helped editor Valerie Weaver-Zercher create the anniversary edition.

In addition to seeking answers to those questions, Boers hopes the group will encourage discussion about “what it means to live more with less today.”

“At a time when ‘green’ is trendy, how do we keep it tethered to an authentic concern for the poor and for the planet?” he asks. “And how can we pursue more-with-less ideals without settling into self-castigation, smugness, or doomsday sermonizing?”

The Living More with Less Facebook page was created with support from Mennonite Publishing Network. Find a link to the the Facebook group at www.mpn.net/livingmorewithless.—MPN

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