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A low-budget movie produced by North Kildonan MB Church members Paul H. Boge and Chris Radtke (together with Firegate Films partner Timothy Horch) has been picked up for DVD release by an American distributor. Moving Pictures Film & TV of Phoenix bought the rights to Among Thieves, a conspiracy thriller that screened at the Winnipeg Art Gallery April 2009. Shot in Winnipeg in 2007 using only volunteer crew and actors, with a total budget of $15,000, Among Thieves ties themes of redemption into a plot about the U.S. invasion of Iraq.—Winnipeg Free Press 

Apple’s Steve Jobs has denied all iPhone and iPad apps containing porn. Jobs responded to the criticism that he is denying customer’s their “freedom” by saying, “We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” Referring to other phones that sell graphic content, he said, “…your kids can download porn. That’s a place we don’t want to go.”—catholic.org 

Zondervan published more than 1,000 Christian e-books for the iPad launch in April. Zondervan plans to release all its future e-books in an iPad version. —Zondervan news release

In The Armageddon Factor, Marci McDonald warns Canadians about what she calls Canadian Evangelical Christians’ “dark and dangerous vision” of a theocratic government where “non-believers…have no place, and those in violation of biblical law, notably homosexuals and adulterers, would merit severe punishment and the sort of shunning that once characterized a society where suspected witches were burned.” The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada responded: “We regret McDonald’s failure to acknowledge the possibility that Evangelicals can be motivated to participate in public life from a belief in God’s purposes for a just society that cares for the vulnerable and respects human dignity, while respecting the democratic principles that welcome difference of opinion.”—christianity.ca

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