Home News Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor launch renewed brand identity: Radiant Care

Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor launch renewed brand identity: Radiant Care

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The sister homes of Pleasant Manor (Virgil, Ont.) and Tabor Manor (St. Catharines, Ont.), have unveiled a renewed brand identity. The organization is now known by the collective name of Radiant Care, with each home referencing the new brand as Radiant Care Pleasant Manor and Radiant Care Tabor Manor.

“We believe that the care we provide our seniors is done with excellence, love, and dignity, and radiates throughout our homes,” says CEO Tim Siemens. “Also, the word ‘radiant’ implies warmth and light, which illustrates the peace of mind, and the sense of community that our residents, tenants, and their families all experience at Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor.”

The organization underwent an extensive board-driven process of consultation with focus groups that included tenants and residents, family members, staff, and community stakeholders, resulting in the final choice of Radiant Care as the unifying brand name. The logo includes a touch of orange that signifies friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence.

“With the Radiant Care name, we demonstrate that we are a unified organization with a shared vision, mission and values,” says board chair Glen Unruh. “Our core identity as a faith-based Christian community remains unshakeable and unchanged.”

Tabor Manor has been serving seniors since its doors opened in 1969, and Pleasant Manor since 1977. Together, they are home to approximately 600 seniors, with a staff of 325. Radiant Care’s mission is “[to serve] the Mennonite constituency and others who wish to live in a community of Christian faith.”

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