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Using Street View technology, Google is making more than 1,000 original artworks available to students and art enthusiasts around the world. The Art Project offers virtual tours of 17 museums, including the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art, London’s National Gallery, and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. In addition to the 360-degree images of 385 gallery rooms, one work from each museum was photographed using gigapixel photo capturing technology, providing detail not visible to the naked eye.—Globe and Mail

Veritas Forums engage university students and faculty in discussions about the hard questions of life and the relevance of Jesus through interactive workshops, artistic performances, lectures, film discussions, dialogues, and service projects. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., the Veritas team has partnered with 60 schools across North America and Europe. Discussion forums, lecture videos, and upcoming event dates on topics such as sex, science, justice, suffering, and doubt are available online.—AS


Big Bible Town, a new Bible-based online game for ages 5–12, is designed to build character, increase Bible knowledge, and foster interaction. Children enter Bible stories (for example, helping Zacchaeus return money to people in need) to collect points and design a town (with the option of choosing to live on Noah’s ark).—AS

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