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MB Biblical Seminary Canada now has its own website. “With the transition of MB Biblical Seminary into separate Canadian and US schools this past year, we have been developing MBBS Canada as a distinct presence,” explains President Lynn Jost. The site highlights Canadian faculty members and staff, introduces the Langley, B.C., and Winnipeg campuses, and offers Canada-specific donor information. A page dedicated to building Canadian alumni connections will continue to develop alongside the seminary’s growing alumni relations program.

Ich bin ein Arkadaker! Manitoba author Victor Epp blogs about Arkadak, the last populated Mennonite colony in south Russia, founded in 1910. Originally published in the German newpaper Der Bote in 1995, the essays draw on notes and letters by Arkadak’s pioneers, including Epp’s grandfather. As a centennial tribute, Epp plans to publish a new essay each week about the difficult history of this short-lived daughter colony of Chortitza. From the forest where Mennonites hid their horses from pillaging armies to the meadow where Cossack cavalry rode rank and file, the home of Epp’s grandfather (and mine) comes alive.

—Angeline Schellenberg

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