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The MB historical commission’s site has resources on how to create a basic Mennonite library and keep your congregation’s history alive. From the missionary who died on the Titanic to the pastor who stood up to the Ku Klux Klan, every biography published in the Profiles of Mennonite Faith bulletin insert series is available to download. Curious what MBs thought of tobacco in the 1960s or how our views on divorce have changed since 1883? You can find the answers by clicking on “We recommend,” linking you to a listing of General Conference recommendations and resolutions from 1878 to 1963.—AS

Rather than shooting aliens or zombies, a free online video game has players fighting HIV and cancer. Created by researchers at University of Washington, Foldit requires gamers to fold amino acid chains into their three-dimensional configurations. Incorrectly folded proteins are linked to everything from allergies to Alzheimer’s disease; gamers’ discoveries could have implications for the development of vaccines. Since Foldit became freely available in 2008, players have outperformed PhDs in biochemistry and computer software designed to fold proteins. When the researchers submitted their finding to Nature, all 57,000 Foldit players from the past 2 years appeared on the authors’ list.—Macleans

Ever listen to the sermon and realize that your closing song no longer fits? Well, now there’s an App for that. The new iPhone application SongSuggest is preloaded with more than 600 of the most popular English worship songs of the past 30 years, enabling worship leaders to search for lyrics and chords, watch YouTube music videos, or listen to iTune clips, all from the discomfort of their car, desk, or the front pew.—apple.com

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