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Insights deepen wonder

Re “No plausible mechanism” (Letters, June). I affirm Mr. Hintz’s caution to carefully examine the evidence for God’s creation method, and would like to respond to some issues he raised.

Is there a mechanism for macroevolution? Evolution has mechanisms (mutation, genetic recombination, natural and sexual selection, genetic drift, etc.). Micro and macro refer to the results of evolution on either side of the species line. As common descent predicts, this dividing line is fuzzy, contrary to expectations if life were created in distinct kinds.

Does the theory of evolution explain the origin of the first life forms? It explains the origin of species, not life. Similarly, the atomic theory of matter is a robust, useful theory even though it doesn’t explain where matter originally came from. It starts with matter, and evolution starts with life.

What evidence is there for evolution beyond changing beaks on finches? In this forum topic
(http://www.mbforum.ca/topic/2719.html) I’ve collected some evidence behind a much larger evolutionary claim: that whales share a common ancestor with land mammals, including hippos and camels.

Why don’t more Christians embrace intelligent design? Too often that movement seeks holes in
natural processes which an unnamed “designer” could fill. Many Christians such as myself believe God created the universe, including the natural processes scientists study. Further insights into these processes deepen our wonder and awe at God’s ongoing creative work. I believe I’m knit together by God too, and I don’t seek to discount meiosis, fertilization, and embryological development to do so.



Herald readers may also want to read the forum discussion on “Revisiting atonement” by Elmer Martens (Text message, April) at www.mbforum.ca/topic/2712.html.

Give a push

Re “Will anyone recommend Christian higher education?” by John Longhurst (Viewpoint, May). As a recent BA graduate from Bethany College, I was encouraged to see such an appropriate challenge from John Longhurst. My decision to attend Bethany was strongly encouraged by my parents and finalized by my experience at Youth Advance in my Grade 12 year.

It is imperative that there be a strong push from pastoral staff (notably youth pastors), parents, and family, including the church family, for upcoming high school graduates to attend an institution for higher biblical education, whether for just one year or more. Recruitment workers can be guides but it will be the encouragement of those with existing relationships that will have the greatest impact on a graduate’s postsecondary decisions. The choice to go for “just one year” may in fact turn into four!



A tribute

I’m writing to pay tribute to a job well done. Many years ago, God stirred the heart of my brother Arvid (Loewen) of Winnipeg [North Kildonan MB Church] with compassion for the needy children of Kenya. He chose to use his gift of sport to raise funds for the Mully Children’s Foundation.

In June 2008, Arvid rode his bicycle from the West Coast to the East Coast, in RAAM (Race Across America), a 5,000-kilometre race with a 12-day completion time limit. Very few athletes complete this race. Arvid’s wife Ruth together with their children and their spouses acted as his support crew. Throughout the 11 days, and before and after, funds came in to help the Children’s Foundation. A big thank you to Arvid for this initiative, but also to all of you who pledged funds.



The Lord heals

“Words won’t wash” (Letters, May). The writer of this letter states, “God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit combined are powerless to heal the wounds… that sometimes surround sexual abuse.” There are many people who testify to God’s healing in their lives after sexual abuse. I would urge you to seek out counsellors who would guide you in the healing process. Please do not give up, as the Lord can – and will – heal. May you find the peace that God can give.



Power in the blood

Re “Revisiting atonement” (Text message, April). Thank you, Dr. Martens; your metaphor [in this piece] is beautiful and powerful! After all, we were not only forgiven at the cross but healed. Jesus’ blood held the life-giving power of all the combined powers of the universe. It held the power of transforming the most wretched, depraved, and despicable person into a lovely, admirable, and commendable human being. It held the power over all the evil forces of darkness that had befallen humanity. “There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb.” Let’s sing it more often.


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