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Hope and pray every day

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One often approaches January with optimism and visions of a bright and prosperous new year. If you’re at all like me, that’s probably not how you’re feeling about 2022. In December alone, we have gone from near-manageable COVID-19 cases to record numbers of positive coronavirus test results. As I write this editorial, the Omicron variant continues to spread like wildfire, tightening its grip on an exhausted healthcare system.

A friend asked me if I thought this new variant was the end of the pandemic. Supposing Omicron’s less severe symptoms and lower death rate (over 50% lower than that of the previous Delta variant) signified a taming of the coronavirus. The only response I could give was that I hoped and prayed that this was the case. 

I do have hope. And I have experienced the power of prayer and have seen prayers answered time and time again. Despite the dark days we share in January, I know that better days are ahead. God’s blessings are abundant. 

January 16-22, 2022, is our annual Week of Prayer. This year the National Faith and Life Team brings us prayers of blessings. We bless the LORD, continuously praising him, but what does it look like to bless our Church, our neighbourhood, even our enemies? Can we as a family come together in prayer this month? Please use the prayer guide on pages 12-18 in your online groups, as a congregation, and as an MB family. The Week of Prayer readings are also available online here.  

Before I close, I want to point out a few things to be grateful for, something I hope will turn my mind away from the negative towards the positive:

  • The MB Herald Digest enters its 61st year as a publication. Very few magazines can make that claim!
  • After a two-year hiatus, the MB family held its first Pastors Credentialing Orientation in 2021 (continuing through 2022 in BC). We look forward to the credentialing of new pastors in the future.
  • MBs from across Canada continue to meet online in great numbers for EQUIP Mini, National Assembly, Multiply’s House of Prayer, MB Seminary’s Navigate events and CCMBC’s Town Hall Meetings. These opportunities not only keep us connected, but they contribute to the health and development of the denomination. There’s more of this to come!

Hope and pray every day.

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