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For goodness’ sake!

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It had been another exhausting day at the clinic in Vancouver. My 21-year-old daughter Janice, who was undergoing cancer treatment, and I had left home at 9 a.m.; now, at 5 p.m., we were inching closer to our Abbotsford home. Neither Janice nor I had the energy for conversation. By the time we reached the freeway exit, I was fighting tears of exhaustion. “God, I need your arms of love around me in a tangible way today,” I cried silently. “Could there please be a card, letter, flowers, or something to concretely show your love for me?” As I walked into the house, I spotted a letter on the table and recognized the handwriting of a good friend from Prince George. Inside were two specialty teabags and this note: “For a ‘me time!’ I thought this tea would inspire you to take a few minutes to relax! Be encouraged that you are not alone and that God is there at all times to lend his comforting hand.” I learned God can use even tiny teabags in a mighty way!

—Betty Kampen, Abbotsford, B.C.

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