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Five Questions

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Church: The Gathering Place
Pastor: Ben Terlesky
Location: We meet at St. Martin de Porres High School in Airdrie, Alta.

What is your church’s mission statement?

Explore           the wonder of Christ,
Experience     the joy of community,
Equip              the family for service,
Engage           the world with the love of Jesus.

How would you describe your congregation?

We’re one of Airdrie’s newest churches. We’re small enough that you’ll never get lost in the crowd, and friendly enough that you won’t want to.

What makes your church unique?

The Gathering Place is genuinely warm and welcoming. We offer plenty of opportunity to meet others and – when you’re ready – to get involved in ministry to others.

If you could choose a famous Christian to come and speak, who would it be and why?

John Burke, author of No Perfect People Allowed: Creating a Come as You Are Culture in the Church. Right now, the emphasis of living a life that is Christ to our neighbours and community would be most vital, and John’s book speaks well to this subject.

What is the significance of your church’s name?

“The Gathering Place” reflects well our vision to extend loving friendship to each person who attends, and encourages others to come to experience “living like family, loving like Jesus.”

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