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Church: Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship

Pastoral duties: Shared by dedicated volunteers

Location: Vancouver

What was the defining moment for your congregation?

There were 3 moments: the realization that despite being Mennonites from various conference backgrounds, we could come together and become one congregation; the realization after the departure of a pastor that we could continue to exist relying on our own members for leadership; and the insertion of “Inter-Mennonite” in our name.

How would you describe your congregation?

We have about 50 adults and youth who value rigorous inquiry, respect all Christian traditions, and seek to build bridges to others.

What does it mean for your church to be evangelical Anabaptist?

We encourage people to grow in and toward faith in Jesus and commitment to following his teachings as recorded in Scripture. We welcome all seekers and doubters who are on a journey of faith, and we are open to their participation in the life of the church. We treat conversion as both individual and communal. Salvation is not merely a private thing but should motivate us to take care of our fellow human beings and God’s creation, and to work toward reconciliation in the world.

What is the significance of your church name?

To us, Mennonite indicates the importance we give to Jesus’ teachings on love, peace, and justice. Inter means we seek to bridge differences and be open to dialogue with the larger hermeneutical community seeking to understand Scripture and God’s intention for our lives.

What makes your church unique?

Our worship service, which takes place in the chapel of a university student residence, has a built-in time of response and discussion after the sermon. We value artists among us and display their work in our worship service. We’ve also kept alive the four-part harmony hymn singing tradition, and hold an annual Christmas sing-along Messiah service.

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