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From the producers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants comes Courageous, a movie about fatherhood in select theatres Sept. 30. Through tragedy, four men in law enforcement challenge one another to step up “to serve and protect” their families in this fourth release of Sherwood Pictures, a ministry of Sherwood Church, Albany, Ga. Crossroads Christian Communications’ Tricord Media is Courageous’ Canadian theatrical licensing agent. Find fatherhood books and articles for churches and families at—Crossroads release and

The gender gap is closing: since 1991, the percentage of women attending church during a typical week decreased from 55 to 44 percent, the Barna Group reported Aug. 1. Women who view God as “the all-knowing, all-powerful and perfect Creator of the universe who still rules the world today” dropped from 80 to 70 percent. “For years, many church leaders have understood that ‘as go women, so goes the American church,’” writes George Barna.—Huffington Post

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