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50 Years: Linked Together by God’s Grace: Highland MB Church 1956–2006
John Dyck

Begun as a gathering place for Mennonite Brethren in the city and a mission to “the down and out,” the first MB church in Calgary, Highland MB celebrated 50 years in 2006. 50 Years traces the congregation’s history through church minutes, chronicling the comings and goings of pastors, iterations of children’s and youth ministries, mission conferences, forays into supporting international fellowships such as sharing the building with a Sudanese church, and the establishment of new congregations, whether blessed or painful divisions. Woven throughout the history are repeated calls to keep evangelism in focus – not only talk, but do. The book can be ordered from Highland MB Church (hmbc.ca).

—Karla Braun


David’s Trip to Paraguay/Davids Reise
On the Zwieback Trail

Two recent publications from CMU Press can help grandma and grandpa share cultural Mennonite history with children. Richly illustrated in colourful layouts with historic photos and artefacts, On the Zwieback Trail is an alternative alphabet book, where A is for Anabaptist, F for faspa, and S for singing. This cultural history of Russian Mennonites includes recipes and a timeline. Through the eyes of a child, David’s Trip to Paraguay/Davids Reise tells the story of Manitoba Mennonites’ emigration to South America in the 1920s. Vibrant, “amazing” coloured pictures illustrate the English and German text. 

—Karla Braun

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