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In 2004, Willow Creek Community Church began going beyond studying the demographics of their congregation to surveys that dig into discipleship patterns: serving, Bible study, small group involvement, prayer, and solitude. As they examined the data, God revealed insight into “how [our people] grow and what we can do to help them.” Willow Creek’s survey framework, called REVEAL, is available to churches, along with self-guided materials for 4 sessions where leaders interpret the results and implement a response.—revealnow.com


Advice for new parents, 20 tips for creation-friendly cleaning, how to start a church prayer garden – to bring sustainable practice and God-honouring environmentalism to your home, church, and community, find these practical tips and more on Flourish. This website brings together a quarterly webzine, a blog, how-tos, meditations, and quotes from leading Christian thinkers like Wendell Berry in the mission to help Christians think of creation care as “a loving response to God’s goodness and Good News by participating in his revival of lives and landscapes.”—KB

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