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Contagious faith

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Acts 8:26-38

One morning, as my husband was about to land a good morning kiss on our daughter’s face, she initiated a full-frontal assault. She gave no warning. She didn’t turn her face away and she didn’t hold back. She let it fly. And boy, did it fly, right into his mouth.

His first instinct, completely involuntary, was to swallow. The next week was spent waiting for her virus to attack his immune system and declare war.

Kaitlyn’s first year of school was one big infection, easily spread through sneezing, coughing, and runny noses.

If only sharing our faith was that simple – one sneeze, and the entire neighbourhood infected with Christ. But sharing our faith is not always easy. Sharing aloud how God is working in my life makes my palms sweat. My heart races and I fear tripping over my words and making a fool of myself, or worse, a fool of God.

Regardless of my inner turmoil I press on, convinced that, as believers, we should always be ready to share what God is doing in our hearts. In my panic, I can’t help wishing God’s truth was shared as easily as that cold passed between my husband and daughter.

Despite the difficulty some of us have in speaking up, we’re commanded to convey God’s love to our neighbours. Before we can share it, however, we have to possess it.

We need two things to effectively communicate the message of Christ. First, to be infected with the Holy Spirit and second, to live a contagious life that’s ready to pass God’s teachings on.

Philip was ready. He heard God’s prompting to stay near the chariot. When he overheard the eunuch reading from Isaiah he jumped in and asked if the man understood what he was reading.

How many times have we jumped in with both feet and asked someone if they understood what they read or heard? How many opportunities have passed us by because we’ve been afraid, too busy, or unavailable for God?

Philip was available. His bold sharing resulted in the eunuch professing faith and requesting to be baptized. This man returned to his important position in another country infected with the knowledge of how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah. His new-found faith may have spread to the entire nation.

If we believe in Jesus Christ, we are filled with the same powerful Holy Spirit that filled Philip. And just as Philip was a missionary, so are we. Our assignment may be as close as our neighbours or within our own household. And, as we are ready and available, the Holy Spirit will give us the courage, boldness, and confidence to be contagious.



– Stacey Weeks is a member of Orchard Park Bible Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.

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