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“Christmas can still change the world”

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Theme leading into Advent series: On location: stories of the global church
Goal: $20,000
Raised: $34,000
Project: Secured land title, built parsonage, and acquired vehicle for pastor couple in Mexico through Koenes Ministries.
Visual aid: 10×10 styrofoam church building in Winkler MB foyer
Participation: 30 people funded their own trip to Mexico to finish off the house and hand over keys.

Theme leading into Advent series: Not Alone (caring for widows and orphans)
Goal: $30,000
Project: Parsonage build in another Mexican community
Surplus: donate to local Child and Family Services for “foster care kit”
Visual aid: small cross ornament made of rebar
Participation: 2 groups of 20 will each make a 10-day trip to begin work on house

“We’ve never raised that amount of money before – we more than doubled any single fundraiser,” says associate pastor for mission Terry Dueck. “It made us think about how we celebrate Christmas.”

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