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Going Missional: Conversations with 13 Canadian Churches Who Have Embraced Missional Life
Karen Stiller and Willard Metzger

Word Alive Press, 2010
161 pages




Nothing is more inspiring than hearing about a church stepping into their community – except perhaps reading about 13 of them at once. Written by Faith Today’s Karen Stiller and newly appointed Mennonite Church Canada general secretary Willard Metzger, Going Missional profiles churches from Coquitlam to Halifax – and Presbyterian to Pentecostal – meeting local needs in creative ways. Included are 3 MB congregations: the committed “risktakers” of Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, the “encouragers” of Winkler (Man.) MB Church, and the homelessness “activists” of Southridge Community Church, St. Catharines, Ont. Whether you’re ready to take baby steps toward joining God at work in your neighbourhood or to jump in with both feet, Going Missional will provide your church with both ideas and motivation.

—Angeline Schellenberg


Surprised by God
Allan W. Moffat

Word Alive press, 2010
151 pages





Surprised by God is Gracepoint Community Church (MB), Surrey, B.C., member Allan Moffat’s testimony of moving from fear and self-doubt to confidence in God’s love and leading. In stories about his distant father, failed first marriage, fears of drowning and public speaking, and introduction to his wife Beverly, God’s voice comes from unexpected places: a drug-trip viewing of a movie about The Who, a Christian coworker, dreams, Bible stories, tall grass, and the phonebook. Moffat’s story will resonate with a variety of readers inside and outside the church, hopefully leading all to reflect on their own surprising encounters with freedom, truth, love, grace, and trust.

—Angeline Schellenberg

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