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Building Communities: The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites

…by CMU emeritus professor John J. Friesen, won the Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award, for best book of adult non-fiction written in English. The award is sponsored by the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and the Association of Manitoba Book Publishers. Building Communities, commissioned by the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, is a comprehensive and accessible history of Manitoba Mennonites who emigrated from Europe in the 19th century. It also looks at Mennonites in Manitoba today, with all their cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and theological diversity.

Stricken By God? Nonviolent Identification and the Victory of Christ

…published by Fresh Wind Press in Abbotsford, B.C., is a compilation of essays on the atonement. What does the death of Christ mean? An impressive lineup includes MB theologian Mark Baker, J. Denny Weaver, Rowan Williams, N.T. Wright, Marcus Borg, and Miroslav Volf. “Satisfaction theories of atonement,” says Stanley Hauerwas in the endorsements, “have had the negative results of isolating Jesus’ death from his life and resurrection. We are therefore fortunate to have this book of essays that hopefully challenges that isolation by connecting Jesus’ death with the restoration of God’s peace, making possible a new reality in the world. I hope this book will be widely read and used.”

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