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A safe place in Winnipeg

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While leaving our women’s discipleship home one of our Living Word Temple staff members, Ryan, was approached by a woman who was quite frantic and nervous. She began begging him to take her out of the north end, to which Ryan responded that he couldn’t. She insisted that he do so because her life was in danger.

She began sharing with him how she had broken into a cab of a truck overnight to hide from some gang members. Again, she insisted that he get her out of the north end because she didn’t want to be cut up and thrown into the river. Ryan asked her if she would come to Living Word Temple which wasn’t far. She agreed but was so scared she hid in the back of the van as they drove.

When they got to the church, the woman bolted through the doors. LWT staff were able to sit her down and assure her she was safe. We listened to her share her story through her state of panic, and we were able to give her some clothing and lunch. The woman told staff that when her boyfriend, a high-ranking gang official, was informed she had had a parole meeting he turned on her and took her into a room filled with guns, axes, and a chainsaw. The boyfriend asked if she was a “rat”. She told him it was simply a parole meeting, as she had been released from prison a month prior. The boyfriend did not believe her.

The boyfriend and other gang members made it clear what would happen to her if she informed the police of where they were or the illegal activities happening there.

In the middle of the night the woman escaped the house and spent the night in -30 degree winter weather, hiding in vehicles on the streets of Winnipeg. She told this story again and again to our LWT staff and finally agreed to contact the police so she would not breach her parole. The next day several houses were raided by police along the streets where this woman had been staying and many gang members taken from their homes.

What would have happened to this woman if LWT wasn’t in the neighbourhood? A life was saved because we are able to do daily and consistent ministry in the north end.

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Living Word Temple is based in the north end of Winnipeg, MB. The church is working
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