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A model of humility and servanthood

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A tribute to Randy Friesen on behalf of the National Ministry Team

The NMT is deeply grateful for the unique and valued contribution that Randy Friesen has made to the ministry of our Canadian MB family over the past decades of his service. Randy joined us in working to develop a new “collaborative model” early in the process and it became evident to everyone that he brought a vital perspective and gift mix to the table.

Randy has modelled for us all what it means to keep Jesus Christ and His Lordship central in our leadership. In our deliberations, there have been many times where opinions differed, and a sense of uncertainty weighed heavy on us. At these times the Lord often used Randy to bring clarity about what the Spirit was saying to the church. Randy’s prophetic leadership was and is consistently marked by a deep sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and to the community. He models humility and servanthood.

We are also deeply grateful for the clear call to mission that Randy has brought to our community. His knowledge and evident passion for the global MB church bubbles over into almost every conversation. Randy’s was often the voice reminding us of God’s missional heart as the NMT sought to work through matters of structure and governance. We pray that his contribution in this regard will remain strong for years to come.

Finally, the members of the NMT are deeply grateful for Randy’s authenticity and vulnerability among us. These attributes became especially evident through the painful Multiply demerger that unfolded two years ago. Throughout this process, we watched and listened as Randy sought to be respectful and gracious when his leadership was evaluated and found wanting in areas. He received criticism, sought to acknowledge mistakes and humbly submitted to the decisions of the community. Through it all, Randy has constantly reminded us of his love for the MB family and his deep faith and conviction that God’s hand is on us for a good and wonderful purpose.

Randy Friesen is a dear brother and friend who has encouraged us, inspired us and taught us much of what it means to walk through trials with humility and grace. We bless him, Marjorie and his family as they enter a season of rest and reflection. We are eager to see what the Lord has in store and pray that God will continue to use him mightily among us.

Rob Thiessen

For the NMT

On April 11, 2021, we gathered to celebrate the faithful ministry of Randy Friesen who has served the MB family on mission over the past thirty-plus years. Watch the one-hour video of this event, and hear many different people talk about how God used Randy to impact their lives.

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