A Blessing

A mother's reflection

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Monitor bleeting
Sleepwalking, feeding
Baby calling, yawning, needing
Sleepy eyes lock, time stops
Wonder swelling, joy gelling.

Be still and sleep, my child
The Lord bless you and keep you….

Growth charts, lists of firsts
Bathtimes, solids, temper bursts
Mother Goose, Dr Seuss
Second tooth, favourite bears

“How they’ve grown!” and climbing stairs
Days are full and flying fast
Hardly notice all the lasts.

First day backpack, bulging full
Mornings marked by push and pull
Tags cut, labels stuck
Lists checked, hair slicked
Breakfast standing, lunch bags handing
Wave and picture at the door.

Be kind, be good my growing one
The Lord cause his face to shine upon you….

Science projects, pots of beans
Piano practice, torn jeans
Cabin, lake, birthday cake
Stars on chore lists, running late
Meet the teacher, learn to skate
Love you, Mom! and gotta run.

Swim lessons, climbing tree
Braces, youth group, wait and see
Egg hunt at Grandma’s, be there by three
Screen time, past nine, online, just fine,
you’re not the boss of me.

Clean your room, I’m on the phone
Business trips, you’re home alone
Friend drama, false starts
Slammed doors, broken hearts
Words and tears and supper rush
Sunday night stress, so out of touch!
Achievement commanding
Perfection demanding
Dropping balls and missing marks.

Be patient, be still my struggling one
May the Lord turn his face towards you….

German exchange trip, dance night treats
Parallel park practice, walks in the leaves
Tournament weekends, four in a room
Dairy Queen dinners, you’re MVP!
Scholarship forms, get them in soon
University entrance, the deadlines loom
Time that jammed, now suddenly flows
Grad clothes shopping, letting go.

Be still, be wise my grown-up one
God be gracious, God give peace.

It’s quiet now, the calendar clear
No summer holidays, no school year
No chance for do overs, resolutions, regrets
What will they remember? What, thankfully, forget?
You hoped all would be perfect, all would be fun
You were just getting started
But now you’re done.

Be still, walk on my beloved one
Mother, father, daughter, son
Keep hope alive and love in place
May God bless you and keep you,
Shine his face.

—Art by Carson Samson

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