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5 Questions

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Church name: Thompson Christian Centre Fellowship
Pastor: Ted Goossen
Location: Thompson, Man.

What is your mission statement?

Share – Care – Prepare: Leading people from casual to full knowledge of Jesus through friendship evangelism and small group ministry. Matthew 5:16.

How would you describe your congregation?

We are 35 members, with an average attendance of 50 for Sunday worship service.

We’re a generous church with capable and gifted people from a variety of denominational backgrounds. We have a good balance of children, youth, young adult, middle age, and some seniors. We enjoy exercising hospitality and finding an excuse to get together to share a meal. This is our 30th year of ministry in Thompson.

What makes your church unique?

Our church is a “melting pot” of people from a variety of denominational backgrounds, attracted by our commitment to care and to core biblical truths.

Within 5 years of chartering, the congregation acquired a 2-storey apartment block in 1984 and renovated it to form the sanctuary, Sunday school and nursery meeting rooms, retaining 3 apartments to provide low rent housing. The project gave new life and excitement to the congregation, and we paid off the mortgage in relatively short time.

We collaborate with First Baptist: our youth attend their youth program and we provide housing for their pastor couple.

We have enjoyed the partnership of a sister church, McIvor Avenue MB in Winnipeg, on many projects.

What is the significance of your church’s name?

Thompson Christian Centre Fellowship is an outgrowth of the Manitoba MB Missions & Church Extension church planting effort in the 1970s and early 1980s in northern Manitoba. At the time, all church plants in northern communities were identified as Christian Centre Fellowships to create an immediate connection for people moving from one community to another in the highly mobile North.

What does it mean for your church to be evangelical Anabaptist?

To reach out to others with the gospel of Jesus Christ with a desire to have our talk match our walk. We are concerned for those often marginalized in society. Last year, we became very involved with sponsoring an ex-convict under early release from Stony Mountain Penitentiary.

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