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DeathsVictorVictor’s family immigrated to Canada in 1924, settling in Arnaud, Man. He received a scholarship to University of Manitoba’s faculty of agriculture. At this time, Victor was an active participant in South End MB Church, Winnipeg. In 1945, he entered doctoral studies at University of Minnesota while teaching at South Dakota State University. In 1972, Victor left Minneapolis alone and worked in Harrow, Ont., as an agronomist until his retirement in 1986. In 1978, before she died of cancer, Victor and Frances reconciled. Throughout the 1990s, Victor and Margaret enjoyed running a bed and breakfast. Victor was a columnist for Canadian Mennonite and wrote poetry, articles on the Russian Mennonite experience, a German novel about urban Mennonites, and many letters. After Margaret’s death, her son Norman lived with Victor and provided for him.

  • Birthplace:
    Waldheim, Ukraine
  • Parents:
    Alexander Dirks & Agnes Warkentin
  • Married:
    Frances Schiflet, 1947 [d. 1978]; Margaret Barton, 1987 [d. 2006]
  • Family:
    4 siblings
  • Baptism:
    Lutheran church