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Regg was diagnosed with Fragile X in 1977. He attended preschool and then special needs classes until age 19. He enjoyed excellent teachers and teacher’s assistants. After grad, Regg enjoyed paper recycling duties at both Okanagan College campuses. Bussing to work independently was a pleasure. He also worked at Sunshine Farms. For many years, he rode the bus to Kelowna Diversified Industries downtown. In his early years, Regg’s family began meeting with MCC Supportive Care in Abbotsford, B.C., to gain support for independent living in the Okanagan. In 1997, Regg moved to a supported style of living in an apartment. In 2007, he was 1 of 4 men in Hollywood Station, each with their own condo. They shared suppers in the common suite with the aid of staff from the Communitas Supportive Care Society. Regg was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September 2016. With chemo, he enjoyed almost 5 months of remission, during which he lived at his parents’ home.

  • Birth: October 10, 1972
  • Birthplace:
    Kelowna, B.C.
  • Death: April 3, 2017
  • Parents:
    Vern & Marge Borne
  • Family:
    parents; 2 siblings
  • Church:
    Willow Park, Kelowna