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Deaths_tessianPeter grew up in Alberta, but moved with his family to Ontario at 18. Called for military duty in 1941, he spent 2 years with the coastal artillery in Halifax, then worked in Britain and France as military police until 1946. Peter bought a farm in Jordan Station, Ont., doing construction in the off-season. He took his children on the truck to deliver fruit. Peter taught them the value of money management, honesty, generosity, church attendance, and hard work. He showed them how to change oil, shingle roofs, and cook dinner. In 1988, Peter retired, but continued to sell fruit, visit customers, prune trees, and drive tractor until moving to Tabor Manor, St. Catharines, Ont., in 2006. Peter didn’t embrace his parents’ faith easily, but when, at 31, he decided to follow God and be baptized, he never looked back; his trust was unwavering. He served as an usher; on committees – constitution, hosting, finance, and MCC; and helped research Vineland MB’s 50th anniversary book. After encouraging Ada through her many surgeries, during his 10-year battle with leukemia, Peter received her support.

  • Birthplace:
    Mari, Ukraine
  • Parents:
    Jakob & Justina Thiessen
  • Married:
    Elsie (Ada) Siebert, Oct. 13, 1951
  • Family:
    children Ed (Susan), Nancy, Ron (Lorie); 3 grandchildren; 1 brother