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When she was 2, Olga lost her mother, and at 10, was adopted. She accepted Jesus as Saviour at 18. Isaiah 53:5–6 was important to her. Her family moved to B.C. in 1945, settling first in Rosedale, then Chilliwack and finally in Abbotsford. Olga was grateful she could attend church. She taught Sunday school and sang in the choir and ladies singing group. At her condo, Olga supported Annie Hamm, a friend with disabilities. When she moved to Tabor Manor, she read to and helped feed other residents. Olga remembered the needs of many people before the Lord. When she needed more help, she moved to Tabor Court. Because of vision problems, she used the reading machine. She also lost her hearing. Olga was always considerate of others. Nahum 1:7 encouraged her. She longed to meet Jesus.

  • Birth: March 7, 1912
  • Birthplace:
    Woodrow, Sask.
  • Death: September 21, 2016
  • Parents:
    Martin & Katherina (Beierlie) Bressler; adopted parents Samuel & Anna Hodel
  • Family:
    1 niece
  • Church:
    Clearbrook MB, Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Baptism:
    Gnadenau MB, Flowing Well, Sask., age 18