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_0006_mary-magdalene-heidebrechtWhen Mary was 14, her family moved to St. Catharines, Ont. On her parents’ fruit farm, she learned to work hard. Mary accepted Jesus as Saviour at an early age. Following Grade 10 at Ontario Bible School and her brother’s death in the war, Mary chose baptism. She graduated as a nurse in 1954. Mary met Rudy while attended MB Bible College, Winnipeg. They lived 16 years in Hepburn, Sask., where Mary was involved as a teacher, school nurse and dean of women at Bethany Bible Institute. When Rudy became pastor at Coaldale MB Church, Mary was very supportive, especially with visitation. She sang in the Chapel Singers and church choir. Mary threw herself into relationship with Jesus, family and friends. After several strokes, when dementia robbed her ability to put thoughts into words, it did not take her twinkling smile or loving hand squeezes. In her last days, Mary loved nothing more than to sing her favourite hymns and pray.

  • Birth: September 10, 1928
  • Birthplace:
    Newton, Man.
  • Death: August 29, 2016
  • Parents:
    John & Justina Fast
  • Married:
    Rudy Heidebrecht, Aug. 23, 1958
  • Family:
    children Phil (Mia), Ken (Kathy), Wes (Mona), Marilyn; 6 grandchildren; 4 siblings
  • Church:
    Coaldale (Alta.) MB
  • Baptism:
    Lake Ontario, as a teen