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Katie was a humble and dedicated disciple whose impact far exceeded her quiet demeanor. A behind-the-scenes force, she left school at age 15 to help her mother care for her bustling family of 14 children. After moving to Vancouver in 1954, Katie became a dedicated wife and mother. At work, she was not only a cashier, secretary, bookkeeper, and office manager, but also a business partner and mentor to both employees and family. She eventually found herself managing the family business, Famous Foods. Her generosity was evident in her sponsorship of Brentwood Park Alliance Church’s youth group, interns, seniors, and missionaries, offering financial support and practical assistance. A grandmother with a knack for creativity, Katie sewed, baked, and cooked with love, delighting in crafting costumes and perfecting recipes to satisfy the taste buds of her cherished granddaughters and nieces. During her time at Seton Villa, Katie took on the role of coordinating weekly church services, introducing the joy of hymn singing to her peers. Her thoughtful touch extended to purchasing large print hymnals, ensuring everyone could join in. In later years she embraced the opportunity to tutor a Chinese immigrant, guiding not only her original student but also his wife and school-aged daughter. Katie’s servant’s heart knew no bounds, and her dedication to supporting her extended family was a testament to her selflessness. Blessed to have her as a mom, grandmother, and friend, her loved ones remember Katie for her unwavering faith in Christ, which both guided her actions and was her solace. Rest in peace, dear Katie, until we meet again.

  • Birth: June 7, 1930
  • Birthplace:
    Yarrow, B.C.
  • Death: November 11, 2023
  • Parents:
    Jacob & Agatha (Buhler) Nikkel
  • Married:
    Joseph Anthony Tosey, 1962 [d. Sept 3, 1975]
  • Family:
    son Joseph Peter Robert (Judy); granddaughters Rachel (Tobyn) Unger, Danielle; great-grandchildren Caleb, Elijah, Nathan, Ramona; stepdaughters Elizabeth (Fiorenzo) Benincasa [d.], Irene (Jack) Campbell [d.]; step-grandchildren; siblings Clara Martins, Dorothy, Victoria (Dan) Onysyk, Ruth (Ed) Willms, Irene (Henry) Redekopp, Art, Ken (Ann), Mary (John) Schmidt [d.], Abraham James “Jim” [d.] (Tina), Jacob “Jack” [d.] (Sedonia “Donna”), John Victor [d.] (Anne), Ervan George [d.], Rosella Rempel [d.]; brothers-in-law Peter Tosi [d.] (Caterina), Henry Martins [d.]
  • Church:
    Brentwood Park Alliance Church, Burnaby, B.C.