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_0011_katherine-klassenKatherine’s family immigrated to Canada the year after her birth, settling in Yarrow, B.C. Her only brother died at 18 months. Her father was accidentally killed when she was 10. Katherine and her mother, who had no means of support, were shuffled from relative to relative. They settled in Winnipeg, where her mother worked as a seamstress and Katherine worked as a maid. She married Jack. A wonderful mom, Katherine loved having her own home. Jack was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease in 1969. The 19 years he spent in Eden Mental Health Centre were excruciating for Katherine and the children. Their son Gerry already had HD when Jack died in 1988. A car accident damaged Katherine’s lungs. Despite it all, she loved people and nature, reading and learning. Katherine clung to her faith in God and walked in his grace. She loved all her family deeply and prayed for them faithfully.

  • Birth: May 14, 1924
  • Birthplace:
    Omsk, Russia
  • Death: August 18, 2016
  • Parents:
    Gerhard & Katherina Unruh Loewen
  • Married:
    Jack Klassen, June 9, 1945 [d. 1988]
  • Family:
    children Gerry [d. 2004], Jacqueline (Peter), Randal (Christopher); 2 grandchildren; 4 great-granddaughters
  • Church:
    Portage Avenue, Winnipeg