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Life was difficult after the government imprisoned Kaethe’s father in 1937 (he never returned), but God carried the family. The government closed the churches, but Kaethe’s family continued to read the Bible and pray. At 16, Kaethe accepted Jesus as Saviour. She took a course in Kindergarten service and worked in childcare for years. In 1943, after the local German population was evacuated in boxcars, Kaethe spent 2 years in a refugee camp in Backnang, Germany. Here she met and became engaged to Frank. In 1948, Kaethe’s family and Frank immigrated to Canada, settling in Winnipeg. Caring for her children was Kaethe’s great joy. She sewed, quilted and served in the church ladies group. She cared for her mother, who lived to 100, and 2 aunts. After Hilde died at 18, 3-year-old foster daughter Louise joined the family; her joy comforted Kaethe. In retirement, Kaethe and Frank travelled the Americas and Europe, visiting their home village in Ukraine. In 2012, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Through the pain, her faith sustained her.

  • Birth: May 2, 1926
  • Birthplace:
    Schoeneberg, Chortitza, Ukraine
  • Death: September 15, 2015
  • Parents:
    Peter & Maria Derksen
  • Married:
    Frank Sawatzky, Jan. 23, 1949
  • Family:
    Frank; daughters Hilde [d. 1968], Marlene (Herb) Regier, Lorie (Bill) Battershill, Lydia (Lyle) Penner, Louise Buors; 7 grandchildren; 3 great-grandsons; 3 siblings
  • Church:
    McIvor Avenue MB, Winnipeg
  • Baptism:
    Schoeneberg pond, age 16