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Deaths_JRehgerJohn Regehr died Feb. 14, 2012. He was born Feb. 28, 1925 in Altonau, Ukraine to Johann and Susanne Regehr. At 8, John lost his father to starvation, and at 15, he was sent to labour camp. In 1941, John was conscripted into the Russian army, but escaped. In 1943, he joined the German army; when they retreated, he made the 3-month journey by wagon train to Poland. While stationed in Budapest, Hungary, the barn John was in was shelled, and a beam fell, killing 3 men beside him. In 1945, he surrendered in the American-occupied area of Germany and spent a year in prison camp. After being electrocuted and falling from the rafters of the smelting factory where he worked, he was in the morgue until a nurse saw his finger move. During 1949 evangelistic meetings, bolstered by the prayers of his aunt and her 85 friends, John gave his heart to the Lord. With MCC’s help, John immigrated to Canada, settling in Manitoba, where he married Elizabeth (Betty) Goosen July 8, 1950. John worked for Manitoba Sausage 17 years. In 1966, the family moved to Kelowna, B.C., where John bought BC Building Maintenance and became a member at Willow Park (MB) Church. John was positive, compassionate, soft-hearted. Family was important to him. In 2009, his son Karl’s sudden death broke John’s heart. Feb. 10, John suffered a major stroke. Predeceased by son Karl, son Kurt in infancy, 2 sisters; John is mourned by Betty; children Eleanor (Dave), Susan (Brian), Alaine (Randal); daughter-in-law Barb Regehr; grandchildren; great-grandchildren.

  • Birth: February 28, 1925
  • Birthplace:
    Altonau, Ukraine
  • Death: February 14, 2012
  • Parents:
    Johann & Susanne Regehr
  • Married:
    Elizabeth (Betty) Goosen, July 8, 1950
  • Family:
    Betty; children Karl [d. 2009], Kurt [d. in infancy], Eleanor (Dave), Susan (Brian), Alaine (Randal); daughter-in-law Barb Regehr; grandchildren; great-grandchildren