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Irmi’s first 5 years were pleasant, until her father was sent to a Siberian labour camp. Her family moved to Neuborn, Ukraine. When the Germans invaded Ukraine, Irmi’s father was released and reunited with his family. As WWII ended, the family moved to Germany, where Irmi experienced Jesus’ saving grace. At her church’s youth group, she met Siegbert. They immigrated to Canada, working on a sugar beet farm in Tabor, Alta. After harvest, Irmi and Siegbert moved to Vancouver. At Immanuel Baptist Church, Irmi taught Sunday school, girls’ club, and ladies’ group. She worked as a seamstress and German school teacher. In 1976, the family moved to Winnipeg to pastor for 3 years, followed by 6 years in Moosehorn, Man. Irmi ran a fabric store out of their basement, which became her outreach. After Siegbert’s mother died, Irmi, Siegbert, and their daughter returned to Vancouver to look after his father. There, they pastored Pilgrim Baptist Church for 9 years. Irmi and Siegbert moved to Abbotsford, B.C., in 1995. At King Road MB Church, they were on the greeting committee 3 years, and Irmi led the Tabea Verein for 4. Clearbrook Mennonite Church called Irmi and Siegbert to serve in 2005. Irmi enjoyed the fellowship of the seniors there for 9 years. After a reoccurrence of pneumonia, Irmi died peacefully. Irmi will be remembered for her faithful walk with God, perseverance in trials and sickness, joyful laughter, and words of encouragement.

  • Birth: July 5, 1927
  • Birthplace:
    Tordtchin-Schitomir, Ukraine
  • Death: December 7, 2017
  • Parents:
    Friedrich & Agatha Kitzmann
  • Married:
    Siegbert Zukowski, Apr. 14, 1952
  • Family:
    Siegbert; children Henry (Sonja), Ronald, Gary, Agnes [d.], Anita [d]; 10 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild
  • Church:
    King Road MB, Clearbrook Mennonite, Abbotsford, B.C.