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Erna SchapanskyErna Schapansky died Feb. 4, 2012. She was born Feb. 17, 1937 in Chortitza, Ukraine to Heinrich Goetz and Johanna Thiessen. With MCC’s help, the family immigrated to Yarrow, B.C., where they settled on a raspberry farm. At 16, Erna left to do housework in Vancouver. She enjoyed working in an orphanage and became one of the most-loved pediatric nurses at Vancouver General Hospital. During this time, she married. When Erna became ill, losing a kidney, her daughter Maryanne watched her mother pray and sing through the pain. They moved to Abbotsford, B.C., when Maryanne was 13. Erna cared passionately for her patients at Menno Home. She and granddaughter Amanda shared a special bond. When Amanda was in a fatal accident on her way to visit, Erna was devastated. Erna was a good friend who took others to appointments, shopping, and for coffee at McDonald’s. She was a member of Clearbrook MB Church, Abbotsford. Erna was hospitalized October 2011. Predeceased by granddaughter Amanda, siblings; Erna is mourned by daughter Maryanne (Len) Kool.

  • Birth: February 17, 1937
  • Birthplace:
    Chortitza, Ukraine
  • Death: February 4, 2012
  • Parents:
    Heinrich Goetz & Johanna Thiessen
  • Family:
    daughter Maryanne (Len) Kool; granddaughter Amanda [d.]