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d09-DavidMartensDavid Jacob Martens died Nov. 11, 2011. He was born Aug. 13, 1928 in Alexander, Man. to Jacob and Louise Martens. He attended Winkler (Man.) Bible School where he met and married Marguerite Stobbe in 1959. They lived on a cattle and grain farm until 1967. They moved to Oak Bluff, Man., and started a chicken and grain farm. He would often ask people he met, “Are you saved yet?” and pray for them. Everything he did was to the glory of God with praise and thanksgiving. He often gave of himself and his finances. In 1990, David and Marguerite moved to Kelowna, B.C. In retirement, David volunteered on the condo board, and for various charities, his church, and missions in Kelowna. His last year, David was diagnosed with pneumonia, then cancer, but he continued to place others before himself. Caring for Marguerite was his top priority. In his last days, he was still praying for his caregivers’ salvation. David was a member of Willow Park Church, Kelowna. David is mourned by Marguerite; children Kurt (Marie), Reid (Debbie), Jeff (Jackie), Sandra (Jerry).

  • Birth: August 13, 1928
  • Birthplace:
    Alexander, Man.
  • Death: November 11, 2011
  • Parents:
    Jacob & Louise Martens
  • Married:
    Marguerite Stobbe in 1959
  • Family:
    Marguerite; children Kurt (Marie), Reid (Debbie), Jeff (Jackie), Sandra (Jerry)