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_0024_darla-koopDarla graduated in Vauxhall, Alta., and attended Tabor College. Her family moved to Ontario in 1986, where she met Peter at a church young adults group. In 1990, Darla began working for the federal government and completed her career in human resources for the Canada Border Services Agency. Darla loved jumping out of closets to surprise her children. She and Sam often lay on the trampoline looking at the stars. Emily played with her hair and makeup. Darla praised Cassie for jobs well done. The time she forgot Josh at home, her concern made him feel loved. Darla made camping memories for her family. She enjoyed dressing up, drinking Slurpees, recreating old furniture, landscaping and decorating her home. Her soprano voice was part of the Orchard Park Bible Church choir for 30 years. She was Peter’s rock, her family’s scheduler and organizer. Darla loved her heavenly Father and quietly pursued him with thought-provoking questions. The family prayed for a miracle. Darla believed that complete healing happens only in heaven and that the Lord doesn’t require perfection. She stood before Christ, forgiven and whole.


  • Birth: June 8, 1964
  • Death: August 30, 2016
  • Parents:
    Dwayne & Marilyn Isaac
  • Married:
    Peter Koop, Oct. 24, 1987
  • Family:
    Peter; children Sam, Josh, Emily, Cassie
  • Church:
    Orchard Park Bible, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.